The Community College and Adults Who Did Not Finish High School

cuyahogaccThe statistics correlating educational level and lifetime income are quite clear, and have been consistent at least since I become aware of them in the 1980s. The gap between no high school education and other levels of educational attainment is especially startling. Someone who earns an Associates Degree will earn, on average, 62% over their lifetime than someone with no high school diploma. Perhaps even more striking, the 2014 unemployment rate for people with no diploma was twice as high as people with an Associates Degree  With that in mind, a shout-out to Cuyahoga Community College for launching a terrific program to help lift people from poverty:

Adults who left high school without graduating can earn a diploma and job training in a free program at Cuyahoga Community College.

The Adult Diploma Program will prepare men and women who are 22 or older for careers in health-care services, manufacturing, logistics and construction. They will receive a diploma and an industry credential.

One can envision a longer-term goal of getting these students into degree-granting programs. I am guessing this might not be the only such program.

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