Easing the Path from Community College to a Four-Year School

The University of California system wants to make it easier:

uscAny community college student planning a transfer to the University of California knows the problem: This UC campus requires certain classes, while that UC campus requires different ones. Some courses won’t transfer, and you’ve wasted at least a semester. Your counselor isn’t helping, and neither are the websites.

Forget all that.

UC announced a new, streamlined transfer system on Tuesday that has each UC campus requiring the same community college classes for UC’s 10-most-popular majors (with 11 more to follow), making the whole transfer process easier for students. It’s called Transfer Pathways.

More on Transfer Pathways here. To start, the majors are nice mix of social sciences and STEM, ranging from Anthropology to Biochemistry and Mathematics (should I be nervous there are no selections in the humanities?).

Another good article on it here, from the Sacramento Bee. This fact makes you appreciate the scale of things in the UC system: “Last school year, 56,565 California community college students transferred to California State University.”

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