Once More Unto the Breach, and a Change

So for a couple of reasons, I am taking the fall semester off from teaching. It is a confluence of things, mostly personal, that have led me to the decision. I have to confess to some fatigue in the classroom again, and I don’t like to go into it without all of my energy. I have the bad trait of wanting to bat a thousand, which is just as impossible in teaching as it is in baseball. So that fatigue, combined with a personal issue, have me going into the first fall semester in four years without a teaching assignment.

This blog has also been a good exercise for me, and I thought it would be. I began the blog by noting how long it has been since I had done any writing for publication, and I am about to have my first bylined article published in several years. It’s about content management (write what you know!), and I will publish a link when it goes live.

The blog has also helped me reflect on teaching, and it will continue to do that. I am working on a longer entry about a provocative journal article I am now reading. The article raises a great question, which is perhaps that the best thing a writing teacher can do is to make students enjoy writing. I’ve often thought this, without a great deal of scholarship to back me up. This article actually provides exactly that, and the author, Patrick Sullivan from Manchester Community College in Connecticut, squares up on the pitch and knocks it out of the park.

That’s two baseball metaphors if you are counting.

Oh, and any professor who blows bubbles at graduation is a hero in my book.

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