It’s Getting Real

IMG_0796.JPGSince finishing the draft of my novel in December, I let it sit for a while, then began working on it again. I am doing a few things–beefing up certain sections, rereading and doing line edits, and–most importantly–reworking the ending with the help of a friend’s feedback.

Yesterday I went to a Staples and printed the whole thing out. I’m up to just over 76,000 words (still not long enough) and 237 double-spaced pages. I am revising now, on paper, and it’s a very useful process.It’s a different view, for whatever reason. I am finding problems in grammar, word choice, and readability, but I am also finding inconsistencies in the story and in some characters. Clearly it’s a different lens, and it’s very useful.

I would like to get through this edit, push to 80,000 words. Either then or before then I will start to reach out to agents. In the meantime, I have a few stories out with literary journals. We shall see!

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