Boston Subway Moments

TiQrBJJ4When riding Boston’s MBTA subway system, I record observed moments in Twitter form and sometimes on Twitter. I like the challenge of 140 characters. Is this microfiction? I have no idea. I might use these as prompts though.





Boston Subway Moment: Young girl reading a book, two parents on cell phones, all smiling.


Boston subway moment: Power suit guy on a cell phone, “Just calling because Mommy’s back in the hospital”


Boston Subway Moment: Big brother, 4, helps little sister, 2, over that scary “mind the gap” moment when leaving the train.


Boston Subway Moment: Middle-aged guy reading, “The Causes of Molecular Evolution”


Boston Subway Moment: retired couple from Jacksonville, FL on the Red Line, excited to be visiting Harvard Square.


Boston Subway Moment: National guardsmen with automatic weapons at Downtown Crossing.


Boston subway moment: Chief inspector at Oak Grove stepping into each car asking who might have left a coffee on the Charlie Card machine


Boston subway moment: Wheelchair-bound man, toddler on his lap, getting a hearty “Have a Good Day, Sir!” from the T worker manning the ramp


Boston subway moment: two guys heatedly debating the etymology of the word “franc” as the train pulled into Harvard Square.


Boston subway moment: Two guys side-by-side, texting away; one guy says without looking up, “Last night? Reading Harry Potter.”


Boston subway moment: little guy plays out a long conversation between Spiderman and Batman dolls while sitting on his sleepy dad’s lap


Boston subway moment: dozing (drunk?) guy  waking and clapping (precisely three claps) as we roll out of each Orange Line station


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