Short Story: “Airport Run”

penny_shorts_full_logo_500My short story, “Airport Run” has been published in the online journal, Penny Shorts. I’ve mentioned elsewhere about all the rejections I got before I got any acceptances. It has been a strange run, though not unexpected. Publishing is full of rejections. After going 0-97 I suddenly went three for five–a great day at the play for anyone.

I have 20 stories that I consider complete, nineteen of which I have been submitting. I have two more that are close to complete, then maybe two more that have some early promise. I consider two of the three to be published–this one and “What You Can Do” to be pretty dark. Among the other stories I really like so far, these two are probably the darkest, at least in content if not in tone. The third one is different.

I am not sure what that means but for now I am going with it. It’s nice to be out there.

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