I’ve now been self-employed (again) for a year. It has been productive. I’ve had client work that I’ve enjoyed, I am back in the classroom teaching a graduate seminar in book publishing, and I am claiming back some of the time I gave up to a job and commute that often took me 12 hours a day. I am working hard still, but in the kinds of bursts and lulls that come with consulting. I have weeks when I simply don’t stop and weeks when I can mingle my work with things that need to be done at home and close to home. Today I will work into the afternoon and then rake some leaves.

One thing I have been striving to regain is certain routines. For two years (November 2014 to November 2016) I wrote nearly every day–an hour or more each weekday morning and two hours or more each weekend morning. I finished a novel that had been idling for three years and I wrote 20 short stories, five of which have been published.

Then election day happened and I have hardly written since.

So this is a good time to get back to it, don’t you think?

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