I have written a great variety of both creative and professional pieces, including magazine articles, nonfiction books, white papers, and short fiction. This page includes a partial listing of my work. Where possible, I’ve hyperlinked to online versions of the materials.

Short Stories and Creative Nonfiction

  • “Need to Know,” Hawai’i Review,  Spring 2017
  • “Miss Beaver: A Love Story,” Willard & Maple, no. IX
  • What You Can Do,” Ascent, February 2017
  • First Day,” The Magnolia Review, vo. 3, no. 2
  • Airport Run,” Penny Shorts, Spring 2017
  • Rink,” The Quill Magazine, September 2017




White Papers

  • “Component Content Management in Practice: Meeting the Demands of the Most Complex Content Applications” (download here: componentcontentmanagementinpractice)” The Gilbane Group.
  • “Topic-Oriented Information Development and its Role in Globalization: The Case for the Darwin Information Typing Architecture” (download here: dita_whitepaper_final), The Gilbane Group.
  • “Delivering content that makes a difference: Local control facilitates informed decision-making by giving users access to highly relevant and timely information,” (download here: searchgilbane_whitepaper), The Gilbane Group.
  • “Component Content Management: How True CCM Technology Drives the Most Compelling Content Initiatives” (download here: gilbane-component-content-mgt-copy), The Gilbane Group.
  • “Using XML and Databases: W3C Standards in Action” (download here: xml-whitepaper-4.08), The Gilbane Report, with Dale Waldt.
  • “Leveraging SharePoint in ECM: SharePoint, Paired with the Right Imaging Technology, Brings ECM to a Wide Range of Applications” (download here: sharepoint_white_paper_final), The Gilbane Group.
  • “The Multi-Website Challenge in Enterprise Content Management” (download here: multi-website-wp-0307), The Gilbane Group, with David Guenette.
  • “Success in Standards-Based Content Creation and Delivery at Global Companies” (download here: dita_white_paper_1.06), The Gilbane Group.
  • “The Agile Business and Its Digital Media Supply Chain: An Effective Flow of Digital Media Depends on the Right Management Architecture” (download here: agile_business_whitepaper), The Gilbane Group, with David Guenette.
  • “Bridging the Real Silos in Content Management with Flexible Content Objects” (download here: grwp4.22.03), The Gilbane Group.
  • “Making Content Management Work in the Enterprise” (download here: cm_inthe_enterprise), The Gilbane Group.
  • “XrML and Emerging Models of Content Development and Distribution” (download here: xrml), The Gilbane Group.
  • “Communicating SaaS WCM Value: A Guide to Understanding the Business Case for Software-as-a-Service Solutions for Web Content Management” (download here: gilbane-beacon-saas-wcm-1-09), The Gilbane Group, with Mary Laplante.